800 numbers

Earlier, toll-free numbers used to be quite expensive and only large organizations could afford them. The scenario has now completely changed and your business, regardless of its size, can now set up a toll-free number and the charges will be very economical. The immediate benefit is customers even from outside your immediate area will call you, since they will not have to pay long-distance charges.

800 numbers

It is no longer difficult to get your own toll-free number as there are a lot of toll-free-number service providers willing to help you. It is said you can get your own dedicated phone number in any country, and answer calls from anywhere. Some service providers demand no monthly subscriptions and all you need to pay is only moderate charges for the incoming calls.

Toll-free-numbers have become a marketing tool for business enterprises as more and more customers will make free calls if you have a toll free number. This will make your business look more professional, enlarge your customer base and help build better customer rapport.

With a dedicated phone number, you can interact with your existing and prospective customers regardless where they are, and also respond to their calls no matter where you are. A toll free number will help boost sales and increase your bottom line. Get Your Own 800 Number and make it easier for your customers to call you and enjoy the business edge over your competitors.

As there is a proliferation of toll-free service providers, they vie with one another to offer you competitive terms and added features. Most service providers are today willing to offer you a free trial to start with and none of them ask for any set-up fees or force you to sign any binding contract. Your 800 number could start with prefix 800, 888, 877 or 866, but this is inconsequential as the simple fact is they are all the same.

If you want to enlarge your customer base, increase your sales turnover, project a big company image and improve customer relations, then opt for a toll-free and still more preferably a vanity-toll-free phone number.

Select a reliable and reputed toll-free number service provider that offers competitive rates, understands the nature of your business and is sensitive to your communication needs. This is very important as any inefficient or less dedicated service provider can affect your incoming customer calls.

You will then have to try and get a vanity number that matches your business phone number. It is a fact that most 800- prefix numbers are already taken and you will choose from 877-, 866-, and 888- versions. With telecommunications deregulation, there are hundreds, of service providers for you to choose from.

Once you pick your number, take it back to the carrier you have selected and sign up the agreement. It will of course take a few days to activate the new business phone number.

Despite your excitement, do not be in any unseemly haste to announce to your customers about your 800-number. Before you publicize your new number, first test and see if it works to your satisfaction. Particularly, check sound quality and make sure it works for calls coming from all areas.

800 numbers


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